Date: July 5th, 2008


For some time now, it has been my objective to become a resilience economista term Google does not find on the web at the time of writing this on 5th July 2008.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that there must be other economists concerned about our profession’s response to the accelerating trends of resource scarcity and climate change. I see humanity heading towards an increasing likelihood of bad case scenarios coming true. These converging crises are systemic risks to societies worldwide. Responses that combine thrift in the use of resources and very rapid reduction of greenhouse gases with measures to increase systemic societal resilience seem more likely to achieve desirable levels of equitably shared welfare worldwide. A resilience economics should contribute to our ability to navigate the difficult times ahead.

This blog organises how my thinking about the links between resilience and economic theory and policy develops. Hopefully, as a reader you will feel that you gain something from the ideas put forward here. And, ideally, you will be encouraged to become involved in thinking and practising resilience economics. If along the way you join the discussion in this blog I will be very appreciative.

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