Date: April 21st, 2009
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Challenged back

Jamais Cascio, whose blog I have been reading with pleasure and awe (what a breadth and depth of topics!) for some time, has written up his scenario sketch of a post-capitalism model and calls it resilience economics. Now there’s a challenge! I have in the past few months been working with GTZ, German development co-operation, on issues related to the establishment of social protection systems in developing countries to cope with the fallout of the ongoing crisis. So the seeds for this blog lay dormant. But I take Jamais’ post as a wake-up call. There is work to be done here, too. more))

Date: September 4th, 2008
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What is resilience ?

For now, my working definition of resilience is this:

resilience: the capacity of a resiliety to withstand the effects of sudden shocks and slow-moving trends due to its inherent characteristics that lead to suitable actions.

This is dry matter. Let’s try to liven it up a bit. A resiliety is a resilient entity and I see resilience as a character trait of any entity, be it an individual, a group or organisation, an institution or an even larger system that consists of a number of resilieties. I emphasise this any because it is our daily experience that most individuals cope with the minor and major accidents of life most of the time. This is the first good news: resilience isn’t something that would need to be invented from scratch. more))

Date: August 22nd, 2008
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Towards a resilience economics – some thoughts before the journey

Why do I want to develop a resilience economics and why do I use a blog as my tool to achieve this?

First, I feel a professional need to revisit what I learned during my studies of economics which started pretty much exactly twenty years ago. While I don’t think I ever stood still in my professional development, a host of open questions seems to have accumulated over the years. Some of these point to first things, to the basic assumptions of economics and to its purposes.

My second motivator is a deep concern about the state of humanity and its likely future. I read the signs as indicating the increased probability of systemic failure and collapses caused by a convergence of crises that humanity seems to be struggling to address appropriately. more))